Technology Vendors

How do you reach your target market?

Move beyond your network to take your business to the next level with Bioenergy Hub.

You’re looking for the right partners to grow your business, and help you make your sales targets.

We get it, you are technology experts, not marketing experts.  You have a vision for your company that you need to be able to communicate to your target market in order to get their buy in, but are they listening?

But marketing can be expensive, especially if you don’t know whether your marketing efforts are effective.

Further, we know that you want to make sure your partners are serious about you and your technology, and that their project specifications are a good fit with your technology.

What if your ideal client could self-identify and contact you directly? That’s the goal of the Bioenergy Hub platform.  We bridge communications between project developers and technology vendors, helping each side to understand what the other has to offer.  By listing your technology on the Bioenergy Hub Technology Directory, potential clients can find you through an intelligent search function.

How to Join the Bioenergy Hub Platform

Our goal is an online, open-access technology directory that completes searches through an intelligent search interface, helping project developers reach those technologies that are best suited to their specifications.

Gain early access to the Bioenergy Hub platform by joining us as a beta tester. Early members will have the chance to participate at no cost and help shape the functionality of the search interface.