Why Bioenergy Hub

We know that many viable technologies already exist in the marketplace today that could be implemented as part of a sustainable, resilient future.  We’re inspired by what technology vendors are offering, and we want to help amplify their stories and encourage their success.


We get excited about helping project partners connect to do great things together.  We value the relationships that individuals and organizations build through us, and the quality of these relationships is at the core of what we do.  That’s why honesty, neutrality, and integrity are at the core of how we make decisions, recommendations, or present information.


The importance that we place on the environmental integrity of our actions is a driving reason why we started this company.  We strive to encourage the development of projects that make sense in the long term and cause no adverse effects on the environment or community where they are located.

We understand that some organic materials already have ecological or practical use, and we strive to take a broad perspective for what organic materials can be and are used for in our society.

Bioenergy Hub closely follows the scientific body of knowledge relating to the carbon neutrality of using biomass in various forms of energy.