Project Developers

What if your solid waste management didn’t have to be a cost center?

We’re here to help you discover the possibility of an advanced bioenergy solution to turn your trash into profit.

Waste streams from the forestry sector, the agri-food processing sector and municipal solid waste all require processing and management, sometimes at substantial cost.

We know we can do a better job of managing both our solid waste materials and wastewater streams.  Our status quo solutions are costly, and landfill space is at a premium as populations grow.  Landfilling materials can have detrimental environmental impacts including the release of methane gas.  Land-spreading of materials on agricultural lands can lead to a buildup of certain nutrients if not properly maintained.

Moreover, consulting studies to learn about any new opportunities can be expensive and drain your community or organization’s resources before a project even begins.

Bioenergy Hub enables potential project developers to learn about how a bioenergy solution could fit in their community or at their facility in a cost-effective manner.

Our approach to aggregating project development information and technology specifications will provide you with an insightful summary of what is possible.  Learn about technologies that suit your situation and key resources that are available to you, and let Bioenergy Hub help you become part of the bio-economy sooner than you thought possible.

We help clients anywhere along the way to a Bioenergy Solution.  Our services include:

Pre-Feasibility Assessments

Leverage our experience of evaluating projects and pairing technologies to provide you a pre-feasibility assessment of bioenergy solutions that could suit your community or facility.  This “situational analysis” takes into account the waste materials that you have available to you, directly or indirectly, potentials for off-take partners, considerations within your jurisdiction, estimates of capital expenditures, and the possibilities for benefiting from carbon pricing systems.

Synergy Mapping

Who are your most important stakeholders?  Regardless of what technology you end up implementing, do you know who will help you make it a success?  We can leverage our network of connections in the bioenergy sector to help you understand the key players, from suppliers to off-take partners, vendors, governments, research institutions, and more.

Tender Support

Run a better Request for quotes or proposals process with our support.  Ensure that you are engaging with vendors who are well-equipped to meet your needs.  Engage our services during your bidding process to ensure that the best available vendors are invited to bid, are provided with the right type of information to provide a quality bid, and to equip your team to evaluate the responses.

How can we help?

Let us know how we can enhance your understanding of your bioenergy options – contact us today to learn if we can support your project.